Wayne Johnston

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

Canada   1998

Genre de texte

Ce rêve apparaît dans un article de journal écrit par Sheilagh Fielding, mais signé sous un nom d’emprunt. Le rêve est une métaphore pour la façon dont Fielding a été maltraitée à l’école par des garçons qui ont essayé de la fouetter. L’article permet à Fielding de traiter la situation d’une façon ironique en dénonçant les hommes qui voulaient la fouetter.

Texte original

Texte témoin
The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, Toronto: Vintage, 1999, p. 289.

Rêve prémonitoire

Sa fille sera fouettée

Field Day, March 17, 1928.

Excerpt from Hooligans Seized Her by Sheilagh Shakespeare.

Her father begged her not to go to school that day. He had had a dream, he said, in which eight who once had called her friend did set upon her, and tore her clothing from her body strip by strip and sent her forth into the street, where horses at the sight of her did neigh, and grown men groaned and boys did shriek and squeal.

“You have misconstrued this dream,” said Fielding. “This signifies my greatness, which, though I were stripped of all my earthly power, all my wealth, would still shine forth, for I am Fielding.”

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